3 Reasons Third-Party Apps Boost Salesforce Adoption


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Salesforce’s AppExchange has thousands of apps that can be used to extend the core functionality of Salesforce. In fact, 88% of customer organizations have AppExchange apps installed.*

PROLIFIQ conducted a survey to better understand how B2B companies are using the AppExchange to boost Salesforce adoption. The results demonstrate how crucial these apps can be.

#1 - 45% of respondents said that apps increase overall satisfaction with Salesforce. With the right app, or combination of apps, not only can this improve Salesforce’s functionality, it can also help drive users to actually go into Salesforce more often.

#2 - 57% said third-party apps are helpful when migrating from Classic to Lightning. Many companies have yet to make the switch to Lightning, which means you’re missing out on their continued improvements and enhancements that are released three times a year. Moving to Lightning will enable your organization to get the fullest benefits from your Salesforce investment.

#3 - 63% of respondents have yet to automate key sales functions in Salesforce. That means now is the time to look at apps, get ahead of your competition, and solve business challenges faster and more effectively. Improve your sales team’s win rates, close deals faster, collaborate more, and increase conversion rates - all of this adds up to greater productivity.

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*Salesforce internal data, September 2018

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