3 Things Missing in Mobile Sales Enablement for Med Tech


mobile sales enablement for med techFor successful mobile sales enablement, it’s not enough for med tech reps to have the latest iteration of an iPad, Galaxy, or Surface tablet and a good Wifi connection; mobile sales enablement is far more than tablet detailing, you need a true, comprehensive strategy to see results.

Here are the three things usually missing in mobile sales enablement for med tech companies:


You’ve probably spent a lot of money on your mobile sales solution. You may even have a plethora of apps to choose from. But are your reps actually using those apps effectively, or even using them at all? One of the biggest barriers in adopting any mobile sales solution is that the solution does not meet the needs of the sales force. Have you identified your reps’ mobile moments and tied mobile engagement to each step in the sales process? If you skipped the crucial step of defining the “end state” for your mobile strategy, if your mobile strategy is poorly realized, your sales force is either drowning in apps that are overly device specific, or are confusing to use, or may not allow access to critical company systems. If you can’t clearly answer the question, “What is our mobile strategy?” how can you expect your sales reps to actually carry out the strategy?


Your customers are looking for information. Your reps should be able to give it to them. You may have already made it easy for reps to reach your content any time, any place, with a secure, mobile, accessible content library. But is it the content that the reps actually need? Do you actually understand how your reps will find and use this content?

If you don’t know how your reps find and use content, your mobile library may be too limiting. It could lack the flexibility to present or send content to a doctor, or it may not be easily searchable.

While marketers are more interested in content that has accurate information and product messaging, meets brand guidelines, meets legal and regulatory compliance, and has metrics and actionable data to improve campaign, reps have slightly different needs.

Reps care more about:

  • Easily finding, accessing and downloading mobile sales content from their device(s)
  • Consuming, showing and/or sharing content with their customers from their device(s)
  • Facilitating customer requests immediately

Here are four types of digital content your sales reps can use. Make sure your mobile content library mechanics meet your reps’ needs.


You’ve formulated your mobile strategy, you enabled mobile access to content. And when mobile technology is used right, it can improve sales performance. But how do you know if what you are doing is actually working?

You need to analyze your data – hopefully, some of this data is being generated by your mobile sales system. Your system should be tracking each time your reps show a “how it works” video to a doctor, what files are accessed in your content library and when, as well as what information is e-mailed out to customers. Use this information as part of your process to improve content, support your sales reps, and gain deeper insights into your sales process that will provide opportunities for improvements. Here is how you can analyze data to tie your activities to performance and bottom-line results.

To enable mobile sales in med tech, map out your mobile strategy, your sales reps’ content needs, and your analytics systems. Prolifiq can help you take the 720 view, plan dynamically, and act with confidence in mobile engagement.

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