4 Ways a Mobile Sales Tool Grows Med Tech Customer Engagement


mobile sales tool customer engagement.jpgIn the Med Tech world, customer engagement has traditionally been face to face, with sales people meeting with surgeons and hospital administrators to determine their needs. With sales access to these audiences increasingly restricted, however, reps cannot hope to easily or frequently engage their customers via face to face meetings. Instead, reps must take advantage of the tools on their smartphones or tablets to build engagement with customers. Here are four ways mobile tools can be used to grow engagement.

1. Mobile tools allow easier sharing of online content

According to Manhattan Research, physician device decision-makers are showing strong demand for device manufacturer digital content and support. With tools such as a mobile content library, representatives on the road do not have to wait to get to a place with Wifi to get on their laptops and access an old-fashioned sales portal and multiple repositories of information. Now, sales reps can download and review content, even when offline, making it easier to access the right content at the right timeAccessing a central content library through a mobile app is far more efficient for a traveling sales rep, and allows the rep to be more responsive to customer needs, thereby creating greater customer engagement.

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2. Mobile tools allow contact wherever and whenever between the rep and the customer

Even the most devoted sales reps need an occasional vacation, or sometimes head offices close for weekends and holidays, but customer questions can’t wait to be answered. In these cases, mobile tools allow sales reps to continue their conversation with healthcare providers. In fact, a sales rep using mobile tools was able to send off information a physician requested for a critical meeting. The result was a big sale, an ongoing stocking arrangement, and a physician who would not hesitate to reach out to a rep in the future. The faster reps can respond to leads, the more likely it is for the contact to be successful. And besides, in this day and age, we’re all constantly on our mobile devices, so why not make it easy for them to be more successful?

3. Mobile tools allow reps to become part of “Wellness as a Service”

Increasingly, med tech companies are talking about the “Wellness as a Service” model, where companies use and analyze data generated by medical devices to provide better patient outcomes. By putting relevant data into mobile content libraries, companies allow reps to be able to answer the tough questions about a company’s products in a timely fashion, without having to wait for someone from marketing to get back with an analysis, and gives them a voice in the WaaS model.

4. Mobile tools allow reps to be the trusted channel of information

Few things can hamper a sales rep more than being unable to engage with a customer because legal hasn’t approved the messaging yet, or that messaging is difficult to find and impossible to configure on the fly. Additionally, marketing is always putting out messages, and sales gets asked about that content, but because of the lack of coordination, the voice of the brand is diluted. This is where rep-triggered e-mails can be used – the messages are crafted by the marketing team but sent out by the reps. And configuring and sending these e-mails can be done on a mobile platform. The end result is clearer messages, less clutter, and customer knowledge of where that information is coming from – the sales rep that they have already built a trusted relationship with.

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