5 Can't Miss Elements of Med Tech Mobile Sales Tools


cant miss elements of mobile med tech sales tools.jpgSales reps spend a third of their time searching for and creating sales materials, according to Hubspot. An efficient mobile sales tool needs to be easy to use and packed full of data for reps to access quickly and easily in the field. Here are seven elements that med tech mobile sales tools must have in order to be valuable.

Easy-to-access content

Sales enablement is all about putting relevant content that is frequently audited at the fingertips of reps while they are in the field. Sixty-five percent of reps say they can’t find the appropriate content they need to send to prospects, according to Kapost. A mobile sales tool needs to be able to direct reps to the files they need on their device. When reps have to use valuable pitch time to hunt down relevant sales content it not only hurts their relationship with healthcare professionals, it hurts your company’s sales.

Device compatibility

A mobile sales tool needs to be compatible across multiple platforms in order to encourage use by sales reps. This means that it should be easy to click, read, and navigate across devices. About 59 percent of internal enterprise app users are now using larger screens to view sales enablement and training content, according to Adobe Digital.

Customer relationship management (CRM)

CRM and sales enablement should go together like peanut butter and jelly, yet many companies are still struggling to incorporate and capitalize on the benefits of both. Salesforce is a popular CRM solution for storing invaluable customer insight and automating many tedious tasks, but sales reps’ success relies on more than just Salesforce automation integrated into a mobile sales tool. For example, reps need features that allow them to see the typically siloed information they rely on to set their daily tasks all in one place.

Collaboration features

Sales teams work better together, which is why collaboration features are a must. Reps need to be able to set and synchronize on sales goals and tasks so they can be effective. A good sales enablement strategy greatly increases your likelihood for success, yet only 22 percent of organizations implement a formal sales enablement initiative.  

A complete view of the customer

Sales reps who understand their target audience are in a better position to make deals. A mobile sales tool that integrates an up-to-date CRM system can give reps a better grasp on their prospects, as well as information on med tech trends.

A mobile sales tool designed designed with these elements will increase sales reps’ productivity and ultimately, your company’s success. Mobile sales tools should make your reps’ lives easier, not more complicated. To make sure that your mobile sales tool is functional for business and communication activities, see how Prolifiq can help today.
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