5 Ways That Sales Apps Improve Physician Engagement


sales app improves physician engagement.jpgThese days, it’s becoming pretty standard for life to be made easier with the press—or in this case, the tap—of a button, and a good sales app does just that. While it’s implied that reps who engage with physicians more do their jobs better, there are specific reasons why sales apps help promote better communication between reps and doctors. Here are five ways that good sales apps improve physician engagement:

1. Good sales apps allow the rep to provide information, whenever the physician needs it and no matter where the rep is.

In a society where we are constantly on the go, sales reps must accommodate the requests of customers without having to be at a desktop computer. Mobile apps are the key to doing this. In this case study, a sales rep was able to use his smartphone to configure an email for a customer that led to an $80,000 initial sales order—from the stands of a baseball stadium. Mobile technology might mean our workday is never really over, but it also means there is greater opportunity for a pitch and a win when it comes to sales.

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2. Good sales apps provide analytics around what’s working and what isn’t.

Did you know that 70 percent of content produced by B2B marketing goes unused by sales? That means that nearly three-quarters of your efforts, and budget, are being wasted—unless you’re among the few tracking and analyzing content data. By comparing opens, clicks, etc. across content, you will see the types of emails and specific content that attract recipients to engage. Ultimately, content metrics will enable you to perform a content audit as a pulse check on what content is needed and what content your sales reps need more of.

3. Good sales apps enhance digital and face-to-face engagements.

Physicians are meeting less frequently in person with reps, so when reps are able to get time with doctors, they need to be able to provide information as easily as they can digitally. With a sales app that can access a library of approved content, including visual aids, reps can make the most of their face-to-face meetings and share information. Additionally, in-person conversations with reps can stimulate doctors’ online activities.

4. Good sales apps can help reps spend more time with customers.

If reps are spending a third of their time searching for or creating content, they are not talking with physicians. The average salesperson spends only 32 percent of his or her time selling and 31 percent of his or her time searching for and/or creating his or her own content. Major compliance issues aside, if content is organized in one place and easily accessible to reps whenever they need it, they can potentially double their sales. With the proper mobile tools, such as an app that allows a rep to send health or product information at the touch of a button, sales reps will be able to spend more time focusing on customers and building relationships.

5. Good sales apps allow reps to provide compliant information—quickly.

Physicians will always ask for information about off-label use of products, but companies need to make sure the responses to these questions are managed carefully in order to remain compliant with FDA regulations. All messaging stored in the sales app would be preapproved, with variable options to allow for unique responses to a variety of questions. Content would also be regularly audited to confirm consistent compliance and minimize regulatory risks in the constantly shifting industry. Providing reps with the compliant content they need to answer the questions they get most will help ensure that physicians are getting the information they requested, which builds trust in the relationship. Most important, however, it ensures that the information being shared is compliant and there is minimal risk in the interaction.

Mobile sales apps are just one tool for your sales reps, but they are a powerful way for them to engage with customers. Improve physician engagement now, with Prolifiq. We have a variety of tools that can help.
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