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The Biggest Gap in Traditional CRMs for Life Sciences

Just type “CRM system” into Google and you’ll see pages and pages of hits. All different vendors, from very large to very small, are offering CRM systems. They even say they can customize their offerings for your company. So you can go ahead and pick any one of them for your company, right?

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5 Ways That Sales Apps Improve Physician Engagement

These days, it’s becoming pretty standard for life to be made easier with the press—or in this case, the tap—of a button, and a good sales app does just that. While it’s implied that reps who engage with physicians more do their jobs better, there are specific reasons why sales apps help promote better communication between reps and doctors.

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3 Takeaways from the Digital Marketing for Medical Devices Conference

In the digital age, your hard thought-out messaging often lives and dies in a matter of minutes. The internet is a graveyard of forgotten messages and unread blogs. For example, did you know that the average lifespan of a tweet is a mere 18 minutes? And yet, if someone happens to be looking for what you’re writing about, they’ll find their way to you faster than you can say, “RIP tweets.”

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4 Ways a Mobile Sales Tool Grows Med Tech Customer Engagement

In the Med Tech world, customer engagement has traditionally been face to face, with sales people meeting with surgeons and hospital administrators to determine their needs. With sales access to these audiences increasingly restricted, however, reps cannot hope to easily or frequently engage their customers via face to face meetings.

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3 Things Missing in Mobile Sales Enablement for Med Tech

For successful mobile sales enablement, it’s not enough for med tech reps to have the latest iteration of an iPad, Galaxy, or Surface tablet and a good Wifi connection; mobile sales enablement is far more than tablet detailing, you need a true, comprehensive strategy to see results.

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