Customer Call-Out: Circus Street



Many companies are just scratching the surface of the value of account planning. Some however, have done their research and learned that native Salesforce account planning is the way to go.

Take Circus Street, a leading provider of digital marketing and business training, for example. They struggled with managing unwieldy email chains from teams across the U.S. and Europe where updates on accounts plans and deal progress lived and died. Data was siloed and buried in spreadsheets, strategic account sales plan activities were disorganized, and headaches were running rampant.

Sound familiar?

“I knew there had to be a better way to get out sales teams on the same page,” says Kristy Houtman, General Manager of Australia, Circus Street.

Kristy searched for an account planning tool with the ability to highlight new add-on sales opportunities within existing accounts and found PROLIFIQ CRUSH, which has the added bonus of a fully native Salesforce interface.

“I was able to easily make use of the visual org charts and relationship mapping, and I love how CRUSH is able to assign and track tasks seamlessly within Salesforce. I built out my first account plans, and when I showed these to my colleagues, they knew CRUSH was the right solution for us.”

Curious how else CRUSH is helping Circus Street break down silos and accelerate deals? Read the full Case Study here.


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