How Account Planning Can Help Med Tech Companies Drive Sales Results: 3 Big Reasons



Account planning - you’ve probably heard about it, maybe even talked about it, but rolling up your sleeves and getting it done is a daunting project. However, when done correctly, account planning drives sales efficiency and revenue, grows account relationships, and increases sales team efficiency. Med tech companies especially can yield great results from a well executed account selling strategy as customer interactions can be extremely limited.

Here are 3 reasons med tech companies should be leveraging the power of account planning:
1. Give sales more selling time 

Med tech sales reps are already strapped for time. Wasting time chasing down healthcare practitioners who aren’t even interested in having a conversation is the most frustrating part of all. But by planning a sales strategy around specific accounts where you know there’s a need, internal supporters, and receptiveness to a conversation, your minutes will take you miles.

2. Execute the sales cycle faster

With a targeted account plan, your sales reps will be aligned on overall account objectives and day to day tasks. And, if you choose the right account planning tool, this information can be accessible to the entire team in real-time. This also helps keep team members accountable.

3. Grow opportunities in existing accounts

Just because you’ve sold into an account doesn’t mean your work is done. You should constantly be looking for more opportunities in existing accounts. But again, you don’t want to waste time trying to grow accounts that aren’t ready. Analyzing the whitespace can provide incredible insights to help identify, prioritize, and focus on the best opportunities.

Leading sales organizations use technology to supercharge their account planning and management process to uncover more opportunities and close bigger deals. Want to learn more? Request a demo now.


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