How to Take the Headache Out of Life Sciences Sales Enablement Tools


life sciences sales enablement tools.jpgYou did the research, reviewed the vendors, worked with your IT team to determine the best mobile tools for your sales reps and made a decision. After many presentations and meetings, budgets were approved, the software was purchased and installed, and the field force was trained.

Then the complaints from the sales reps who are actually using the new tools start coming in…

  • The screens are inaccessible on my smartphone …
  • The drop down menus don’t work on my Android/iPhone/Samsung/etc. …
  • This program won’t allow me to write e-mails offline and save them …
  • Every time I try and access the content library, I get kicked out and shunted back to the main menu …
  • Marketing wants to approve all of my e-mails to the physicians before I send them, but I used their already approved content, so why do they need to review them again? My physicians are waiting for this information ....

The list goes on, but surely you’ve heard complaints like this before. After all the time and effort to go live, you expect to receive praise and see success, but then boom: new bugs pop-up now that larger teams are using the product; what you thought was a user-friendly interface has resulted in endless helpdesk requests. On the other hand, the initial deployment may be go off without a hitch, but then your sales and marketing teams are not adjusting the old workflows and are executing daily tasks based on the different data and information.

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You know you need your team to start using the sales enablement tools you’ve provided, but getting them to that point can be an absolute headache. What can you do? Here are three ways to take the headache out of enabling mobile tools for your life sciences sales force.

Take a Rep-First Approach to Sales Enablement Tools

The first step in providing tools that reps will actually use is to think about what reps really need. If the enablement tools you’ve put together for your reps do not make their jobs easier, they will be completely ignored. Mobile sales enablement actually has to meet a rep’s mobile moments and help them to do their jobs. Scope out how the reps spend their days and so you can find tools that allow reps to accomplish their tasks. Additionally, make sure the tools can easily be combined into one complete workflow, rather than giving the reps a screen full of disparate micro-apps that are difficult to navigate. When it comes to sales enablement tools, simpler it is to use, the greater the adoption.

Allow Continuous Feedback with Use

Just as you use your CRM system to get feedback on what promotional tactics and campaigns resonate with your physician customers, you should also elicit feedback from the reps about the tools they are using. “It is unproductive to introduce new features without the proper feedback mechanism in place for sales reps to report issues and feel confident that their concerns will be addressed,” says John Burns at Mediafly. From small-scale pilots to full rollouts and beyond, there should always be a way to accommodate suggestions for improvement and catch bugs before they discourage use of the program.

Bridge the Gap Between Sales and Marketing

It’s a story to found in every industry: marketers believe they are generating fruitful leads, but sales reps believe those leads are not worth following. Sales alignment challenges still exist despite the modern tools available, notes Laura Ramos at Forrester’s blog. Problems stem from the lack of communication and collaboration between sales and marketing, siloed systems and data that aren’t shared between the two teams, and different objectives and ways of measuring success.

In the life sciences industry, the key to overcoming this gap is team-based selling, supported by collaboration tools that give everyone a full 360-degree view of the customer. Enablement is easier when the whole team is on the same page with data and tools. But the best technology in the world won’t help you if you don’t have a process in place for sales and marketing to work together. Develop a process and find the best technology that fits the process and enables long-term achievable goals.

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