How to Use a Mobile Sales App To Improve Internal Communications


mobile sales app improve internal communication.jpgLife sciences sales reps spend a lot of time on the road and in customers’ meetings — with HCPs, hospital and healthcare administrators, and others. While part of a sales team, the remote nature of their work means few opportunities to  see their fellow sales reps, marketing, or other home office colleagues other than training or launch events. At the same time, many home office colleagues rarely interact directly with a customer, so it’s critical for both groups to share insights in order to create the best strategies to address customer needs. With sales reps AFK—away from keyboard—for the majority of their workdays, how can these teams best share important information?

One way is to leverage a mobile sales app. Here are three ways to use a sales app to improve internal communications:

1. Give everyone access to crucial company information  and tools

A sales rep on the road may not be able to easily access internal company resources via a mobile device. However, a mobile-enabled CRM system allows reps to input up-to-date information that the marketing team can use to improve sales materials, and marketing team members can communicate to the reps through notes in the system as well as access the dashboard on the go for more immediate decision-making.

When sales tools go mobile, productivity improves. According to a recent study by Nucleus Research, CRM increases sales force productivity by 14.6%. Make it easy for your teams to share and collaborate, they will certainly do so. And with communication lines open there will be less down-time and more time spent selling.

2.  Replace your old sales portal with a mobile content library accessed through the sales app.

The sales portal was the way home office  teams would distribute new content, memos, training materials, and announcements to reps, but these portals are not mobile-friendly, nor do they have tracking or metrics-gathering capabilities. A mobile content library, however, provides visibility of data, allowing the marketing team to know what was accessed when, and how often. Ultimately, when reps use an app to engage HCPs, they are able to provide the most up-to-date, dynamic, and personalized content. And the marketing team can use the mobile sales app to update content on the go, Meaning sales reps are also getting the most up-to-date, relevant content they need to help them close deals.

3. Use a mobile sales app to bridge the traditional gap between marketing and sales.

If both sides are getting information in a timely manner, they can embrace a customer-centric, data-driven approach to storytelling, instead of wondering what the other is doing. Mobile tools are crucial to team-based selling. It’s no longer a single sales rep influencing the choices of an HCP -- the new paradigm is the team-based selling approach.

Although marketers are challenged in getting the right content to customers, an even bigger problem can be providing co-workers with the right content, in the right context, with the right collaboration tools so that everyone has a 360-degree view of the customer. Everyone in marketing and sales needs to know who the customer is and what their preferences are. Additionally, brand team members cannot be siloed from each other, and should know who is part of the team, who last interacted with the customer, and how the customer has interacted with the company digitally. This information needs to be available through mobile tools, and these mobile tools must be able to update information as it is acquired. Both the sales and marketing teams can use these mobile tools to keep up with the customer as well as each other.

An integrated mobile sales app can address the information needs of both marketing and sales and improve communication between the two areas, enabling each to function better and use data to make better, smarter decisions. 

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