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In pharma, it seems mobile sales enablement is synonymous with tablet detailing. Personally, I don’t understand the correlation. Maybe it’s because I came from outside the industry. Is it because tablet detailing is the incumbent technology solution, the most familiar? Or is it a fear of putting content into the reps’ hands without proper compliance or guidance?

Mobile Sales Enablement is more than tablet detailing

The reality is that engagement with HCPs has changed. Sales reps have precious minutes face-to-face with customers. They don’t necessarily have time to guide doctors through a scripted presentation. Mobile sales enablement is about equipping the sales team with content they need to do their jobs. If they aren’t able to use the desired tablet detailing process, what are their options? It’s not helpful if the content is tied up in “the system”.

Marketers create a plethora of content. How much of it is distributed to the reps? How much of it is seen by physicians. Can marketers even tell whether content is consumed? What content is most popular? If the answer is ‘no’ or ‘I don’t know’ to any of these questions, there’s a problem. Content is critical in marketing, but only is useful if it reaches its intended audience.

Empower Sales with Content

That’s where mobile sales enablement fits in. Mobile sales enablement is not just about a tablet detailing “show and tell” process. It’s about breaking down silos and technology roadblocks so marketing can “free their content.” Digital content is a series of objects and files that can be repurposed and packaged in a variety of formats and file types. Give sales reps “controlled freedom” to show and share the right content to the right audience at the right time on the screen of choice. Use technology to embed compliance by setting permissions as to which users are authorized to see what content. In the end, mobile sales enablement is all about empowering reps with great content.

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