How Account Planning Can Help Med Tech Companies Drive Sales Results: 3 Big Reasons

Account planning - you’ve probably heard about it, maybe even talked about it, but rolling up your sleeves and getting it done is a daunting project. However, when done correctly, account planning drives sales efficiency and revenue, grows account relationships, and increases sales team efficiency. Med tech companies especially can yield great results from a well executed account selling strategy as customer interactions can be extremely limited.

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Why You Should Invest in Key Account Management Now

This post is courtesy of guest author: John Thackston, Vice President of Client Engagements and Co-Founder of SOAR Performance Group

If you had a dollar to invest in your business, how would you decide where to invest? 

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Account Planning for B2B Sales Professionals: What You Need to Know

“Fortune favors the prepared.”

In the world of B2B sales, this couldn’t be more true.

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Key Account Management: Overcoming the Headaches of Managing Plans in Spreadsheets and Slide Decks

Let’s talk about spreadsheets and slide decks. Nearly 80 percent of financial decisions are supported by spreadsheets, while one in two businesses use spreadsheets to prepare accounts. Despite this, 88 percent of spreadsheets contain errors. So, what do all these numbers mean—that businesses are still relying on error-ridden spreadsheets? Are these same spreadsheets costing them time and money? Sounds like a managerial headache waiting to happen.

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3 Truths About Salesforce and Account Planning

With more than 100,000 customers using Salesforce globally, it’s safe to say the platform is the world's most popular customer relationship management (CRM) system. This should come as no surprise. The tool is used by savvy medtech sales professionals literally every day.

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From Account Planning to Closing Deals: 5 Expert Salesforce Tips

For many sales and marketing professionals, starting the day with Salesforce is like starting the day with a cup of coffee. This habit not only informs the brain that it’s time to start functioning, but it inspires productivity. Unlike coffee, however, making the most of Salesforce requires a little effort. To help, we’ve rounded up five expert Salesforce tips. From account planning to closing deals, here are ways to make the most of your CRM:

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What is Strategic Account Planning and How Does it Drive Sales Results?

Strategic account planning takes typical account planning a step further by not only outlining an account's goals—and how an organization can help them achieve these goals—but also evaluating which accounts are essential to your company's growth.

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3 Essential Salesforce Best Practices for Account Planning

If a customer is responsible for the bulk of your company’s revenue and profits, it doesn’t matter if they are a “good” customer or a “bad” customer. High-profile accounts inarguably become your most important customers because they generate a disproportionate part of your income. Regardless of the size or difficulty, organizations need a way to land and maintain these deals.

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Salesforce Tools and Tips for Your Business to Remain Competitive

As a medtech marketer, your sales team’s efficiency relies on you and the marketing materials you provide. You must also ensure compliant communication efforts, and it’s up to you to streamline marketing and sales interactions. In the ever-evolving medtech space, growth means choosing a technology solution that’s affordable, boosts productivity, and helps both marketing and sales teams keep up with customers.

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