Life Sciences Benefits

Compliant Sales Reps

Enable reps with approved, up-to-date content based on their roles and permissions.

Content Peace of Mind

Full audit trail of all content usage, and prospective and retrospective version control.

Enable Team-Selling

Rally sales and marketing teams around key accounts to serve evolving healthcare market.

How It Can Help Your Team



Cure incompliance.

Ensure compliant, relevant content is delivered to market faster with an integrated content review, approval, and delivery experience. 

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Remedy your account planning.

Prolifiq unites team members and data while reducing end-user clicks so users can seamlessly outmaneuver the competition and drive results faster. 

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Smooth operation.

Implementation is a snap with Prolifiq. Configure apps, keep data secure, and deliver value to sales and marketing with account planning, sales enablement, and content creation solutions.

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We’ve seen such great results because we focused on our reps and how to make it easy for them. Now all of our apps, metrics, content, news—everything—it’s all in one place. 

Kara Rasmussen,

Senior Marketing Communications Manager for Stryker Endoscopy

Download the Stryker Case Study 2017

See how mobile sales enablement made a difference

Download your free copy of Mobile Sales Enablement Case Study: Stryker Endoscopy to learn how Stryker overcame their challenges.