Why You Should Invest in Key Account Management Now

This post is courtesy of guest author: John Thackston, Vice President of Client Engagements and Co-Founder of SOAR Performance Group

If you had a dollar to invest in your business, how would you decide where to invest? 

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Aligning Content for Sales Enablement: 8 Simple Steps

It’s Electric

Are you aligning content for effective sales enablement? For many, this might be at the bottom of the to-do list—if it’s on there at all. But the truth is it’s more important than most people realize.

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Account Planning for B2B Sales Professionals: What You Need to Know

“Fortune favors the prepared.”

In the world of B2B sales, this couldn’t be more true.

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Key Account Management: Overcoming the Headaches of Managing Plans in Spreadsheets and Slide Decks

Let’s talk about spreadsheets and slide decks. Nearly 80 percent of financial decisions are supported by spreadsheets, while one in two businesses use spreadsheets to prepare accounts. Despite this, 88 percent of spreadsheets contain errors. So, what do all these numbers mean—that businesses are still relying on error-ridden spreadsheets? Are these same spreadsheets costing them time and money? Sounds like a managerial headache waiting to happen.

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3 Ways to Leverage Native Salesforce Apps to Reach Your Medical Device Marketing and Sales Goals

It can be hard to market and sell a medical device when customers want so much functionality, customization, and one-on-one support. This is especially true if they expect, as many do, that your product will allow them to take advantage of emerging trends in the industry such as big data, telemedicine, and commoditization.

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4 Sales Enablement Tactics You Shouldn’t Overlook

Sales enablement allows teams to gain insight and improve effectiveness. Equipped with the best tools and methodologies, teams can filter data and leverage metrics to ensure that their reps are empowered to sell—always and from anywhere. Sounds great, right? Well, enablement does demand some finesse. It requires teams to implement both the right techniques and the right technologies into their processes.

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