Native Salesforce Account Planning


PROLIFIQ CRUSH® puts the power of account planning into Salesforce, where it belongs. 



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Bring It In, Bring It On
With Account Planning - Native in Salesforce.

When your team huddles on how to win and grow accounts, why take it outside Salesforce? Save your sales team hours of time with the only completely native, no BS account planning tool

CRUSH brings account planning into Salesforce so your teams can focus on finding whitespace and growing strong relationships with decision makers. CRUSH is so easy to use, your sales team will be saying “Bring it on” to your competitors. 


Native on Salesforce

Create, manage, and execute your plans to align with your unique sales process without leaving Salesforce.

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Stakeholder Hierarchy Map

Visualize stakeholder hierarchy and influence within an account plan to understand who will help to close deals. 

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Account Planning Tasks & Dates

Create key dates and Tasks specific to account plan objectives so the entire team is aligned and helping.

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Whitespace Reports

Analyze the white space in an account to identify and prioritize on the best opportunities for growth. 


We love SFDC but our reps had trouble falling in love with the account planning process. Using CRUSH it offered our reps an opportunity (pun intended) to plan their account steps without clicking more than necessary. 

Dustin Norman
Sr. Administrator - CRM SolutionsEntellus Medical, Now Part of Stryker

Read the full review on the AppExchange.

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Webinar: Account Planning Done Right 

Is your team still planning around key accounts outside Salesforce? Watch this on-demand webinar to see how to combine account planning best practices with Salesforce to uncover and win more opportunities within your strategic accounts.


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Score More With CRUSH

  • Keep the Team Accountable and In Sync

    No task gets left undone when everyone is working from the same real-time plan, all in Salesforce.
  • Stay Ahead of Your Competitors

    Employ a SWOT analysis to capitalize on your strengths.
  • Uncover New Opportunities

    Find new areas and groups within an organization and visualize the white space.
  • Increase Win Rates and Customer Loyalty

    Clearly visualize organizational hierarchy with relationship mapping and a cutting-edge influencer matrix.