Execute the plan.

CRUSH strategic account planning goals. CRUSH your competition.



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How does Prolifiq CRUSH help?

Enhance sales productivity and effectiveness with account planning native on Salesforce.

Prolifiq CRUSH helps teams sell more effectively by setting them up for success. CRUSH enhances accountability and visibility into plan progress, ensuring teams are on track and achieving account goals. Built by sales professionals, for sales professionals it cures the two-screen whiplash - no more spreadsheets, slides and buried to-dos in email.


Native on Salesforce

Create, manage, and execute your account plans within Salesforce



Tailor plans based around your planning processes

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Strengthen Relationships

Map and manage the hierarchy, influence and support of key stakeholders


Single Source of Truth

Eliminate version control issues and headaches



CRUSH makes it easier for sales teams to focus on what matters—penetrating and growing key accounts—rather than hunting down spreadsheets or PowerPoint decks.

Vrahram Kadkhodaian

CEO, Prolifiq

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Prolifiq CRUSH Benefits

  • Efficient, Effective Account Planning

    Strengthen strategic account management plans.
  • Increased Visibility and Accountability

    Track team progress and coordinate efforts effectively.
  • Native on Salesforce

    Create, manage, and execute your account plans within Salesforce.
  • Key Stakeholders Matrix

    Know the influence of everyone involved on an account to improve sales processes.

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