Crush - Execute the plan

Generate more revenue. Execute around key account planning.

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Enhance sales productivity and effectiveness with cloud-based planning solutions.

Want your teams to sell more effectively? CRUSH enables teams to build key account sales plans that win. Our platform enhances accountability and visibility into plan progress, which improves your relevancy to customers. Get more value from your CRM by synchronizing data to ensure visibility across your organization.

master calender view

Master Calendar View

Coordinate important sales meetings

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Flexible Planning Templates

Tailor plans based around your planning processes

360 degree management

360-Degree Management

Increase accountability, reduce confusion

historical edit access

Historical Edit Access

Eliminate version control issues

CRUSH makes it easier for sales teams to focus on what matters - penetrating and growing key accounts - rather than hunting down speadsheets or PowerPoint decks.

Vrahram Kadkhodaian,
CEO, Prolifiq.

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Med Device Sales Leaders: Evolve and Grow Your Earnings.

Create the perfect sales playbook for your team in this highly regulated, complicated sales landscape. Download your free copy of Rethink Your Sales Strategy: Med Device Sales Playbook.


CRUSH Benefits

  • Robust Account Planning

    Strengthen strategic account management plans
  • Increased Visibility and Accountability

    Track team progress and coordinate efforts effectively
  • Synchronize with Your CRM

    Ensure visibility and integrity around data and planned action items
  • Increased Customer Relevance

    Target, collaborate, and execute around specific customer accounts
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