With appropriate people, processes and technology, account planning can increase win rates up to 35%*. Save time and outmaneuver the competition with Prolifiq CRUSH - account planning, native on Salesforce.

With Prolifiq CRUSH you'll be able to:

  • Create, manage, and execute your account plans within Salesforce.
  • Quickly create and configure plans to align with your unique planning process.
  • Analyze the white space in an account to help identify, prioritize and focus on the best opportunities.
  • Easily add, organize, and consolidate key stakeholders critical to your plan's success.
  • Create tasks specific to account plan objectives.
  • Align team members to plans to achieve goals and objectives. 

Breakdown silos with CRUSH and win more deals, and bigger deals, in less time. Fill out the form now to get a demo and see what CRUSH can do for you!

*CSO Insights, 2014 Sales Management Optimization Study. Results vary and are based on each company's strategy, technology, people and process. Prolifiq doesn't guarantee results. 


“Prolifiq helps me stay informed and engaged. I can't imagine doing my job without it.”

Pharma Sales Representative - Top 20 Pharmaceutical Company

"We've seen such great results because we focused on our reps and how to make it easy for them. Now all of our apps, metrics, content, news—everything—it's all in one place."


Kara Rasmussen - Senior Marketing Communications Manager for Stryker Endoscopy